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The MiningForum brings together the industry’s top decision makers, experts and specialists every two years to discuss topics related to mining.

The event offers a comprehensive panorama view of various complex topics related to raw materials. The increasingly international event has a long tradition and is well established in the mining industry. Every two years, renowned speakers address relevant issues in the national and international natural resources industry with a practical and informative focus. The accompanying exhibition, as a projection space for manufacturers and companies to engage with the public, creates the perfect setting for targeted communication and making new contacts. Over 350 top decision makers, experts and specialists enter into direct, personal dialogues here and discuss traditional, current and future developments.



The presentations will cover all key themes in the mining industry: useful information gained from fundamental research, new technologies and pioneering developments – a breadth of contributions presented by renowned speakers. This expert knowledge with practical relevance can be discussed in more depth afterwards.

Topics & Presentations:

  • Mining 4.0
  • Ground Control
  • Mine Water
  • Radioactive Waste Disposal
  • Exploration of Natural Resources
  • Transport & Hoisting
  • Post Mining
  • QHSE
  • Risk Assessment


Speakers from:

  • public institutions, such as state and federal ministries, as well as mining authorities
  • renowned German mining companies
  • various research institutions
  • national & international businesses