Vattenförvaltning, 7 okt, 13:30 – 15:00

The EU Water Framework Directive – a legal frame for adaptive governance of water resources within the EU
Johanna Söderasp, Water Management Director of the Bothnian Bay Water District Authority

Johanna Söderasp, LLD, Water Management Director of the Bothnian Bay Water District Authority, Sweden. Before her current position, Johanna conducted legal research on the adaptive water governance model of the EU Water Framework Directive. Her thesis has the title “Law in Integrated and Adaptive Governance of Freshwaters – A study of the Swedish implementation of the EU Water Framework Directive”.

Biological surveys downstream Swedish mining operations – What is investigated today? Could this be made more relevant?
Björn Rydvall, Environmental consultant, Pelagia Nature & Environment

Björn is an environmental consultant since 2006 with focus on Environmental chemistry. Mainly working with projects related to recipient-water at closed, on-going or future mining operations in Sweden.

Potential for improvement
Lotta Olausson, Section manager, environmental development, LKAB
Malin Suup, Senior development engineer, Boliden

Lotta is section manager, environmental development at LKAB. She worked until recently as a development engineer specialized in water related issues at LKAB and is also member of Svemins working group on Water.
Malin is a Senior development engineer at Boliden with 15 years of experience working with environmental issues in the mining industry. Primarily focusing on permitting processes and water from a technically, scientifically and legally perspective. Also functioning as chairman in Svemins working group on Water.

Water management
Ulla Sandborgh, Swedish Government, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Ulla Sandborgh is Director General working as a coordinator of water management for the Enterprise. Ulla has a background in the infrastructure industry mainly in the energy business.

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session, and the following:

Viktor Falkenström, Lawyer, specialist in environmental and real estate law, Hamilton Law Firm Karlstad AB
Viktor Falkenström, lawyer at Hamilton Law Firm Karlstad AB. Specialist in environmental and real estate law. Primarily works with water related issues regarding infrastructure, energy production and mining operations.

Sophie Carler, Senior environmental advisor, Jernkontoret (Swedish steel producers’ association)
Sophie Carler is a senior environmental advisor at the Swedish Steel Producers´ Association, Jernkontoret, with focus on water, biodiversity, and sustainability. She has a background in marine sciences from both Canada and France and has worked in Chile as an environmental consultant for industry and agriculture. She started up the Swedish Water Alliance in 2008 to work with implementation of EUs Water Framework Directive (WFD) over a broad range of stakeholders, and in 2018-2019 she worked in Brussels with the Fitness Check of the Water directive.

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