Certification and traceability, Oct. 8th, 11:00 – 12:30

Metals with certified origin – is that the future? Exciting projects are underway to link sustainability requirements to the raw material from the mine, but how does it work? Is there a demand for sustainably produced metals and minerals?

TraceMet – tracing the environmental performance through the steel and copper value chains
Erik Lindblom, IVL, Project Manager TraceMet

Erik Lindblom is a senior project manager at IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. He sees raw material supply as crucial for sustainable development and has been working extensively as a consultant and researcher with environmental impact and risk assessments of quarries and mines as well as aquaculture and water resources. Together with his sheep, he also tries to contribute to promote biodiversity and ecosystem services at his small farm in Småland.

CERA – Certification of Raw Materials
Lukas Förster, Business Developer, Sustainability and Raw Materials, DMT/CERA

Lukas Förster holds a master’s degree in applied geoscience and is working for the DMT GmbH & Co. KG as a business developer in the field of sustainability and raw materials. Lukas is part of the development team of CERA – Certification of Raw Materials while being the specialist for risk identification and assessment of raw materials worldwide.

World Economic Forum Mining and Metals Blockchain Initiative
Jörgen Sandström, Head of Mining and Metals Industry, World Economic Forum

Jörgen Sandström is Head of Mining and Metals Industry at the World Economic Forum. The World Economic Forum’s Mining & Metals Industry community consists of the world’s leading mining and metals companies, representing a broad range of commodities and all regions.

Towards Sustainable Mining: an Overview of an Emerging Global Standard for Responsible Mineral Production
Ben Chalmers, Senior Vice President, Mining Association of Canada

Since joining MAC in 2011, Ben has been responsible for the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) initiative, MAC’s award-winning program focused on enabling mining companies to meet society’s needs for minerals, metals and energy products in the most socially, economically and environmentally responsible way. In 2018, Ben took on the role of Senior Vice President and is also responsible for overseeing MAC’s work related to Indigenous Peoples, Public Affairs & Communications and Government Relations. Ben began working in the mining industry in 2004 at the Myra Falls Operations in British Columbia as an Environmental Supervisor. Prior to MAC, Ben served as Vice President, Environment and Technical Affairs for the Mining Association of British Columbia and was also a Senior Policy Analyst with Natural Resources Canada.

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session, and the following:

Priscilla Garibay, Global Category Manager for ABB Motors and Generators, ABB
Priscilla Garibay has over 21 years of Commercial experiences: 2 years in ABB, 4 years Corteva and 14 years with Dow Chemical. Working globally incl Mexico, Canada, UK and Switzerland. Attorney by education with specialty in international contracts. Certified member of CIPS and have a history of innovation, cross collaboration and sustainability in my carrier in the automotive, plastics, chemicals, agricultural and engineering.

Tobias Persson, Senior advisor at the Swedish Governmental Agency for Growth Policy Analysis
Tobias is a senior advisor at the Swedish Governmental Agency for Growth Policy Analysis. Expert in sustainability upgrading of global supply chains.

Sara Olsson, Sustainability Advisor, Boliden Smelters
Sara is driving the work with traceability of Boliden’s value chain and the development of Boliden’s responsible sourcing program for raw materials. She is also taking part in several task forces that sets the standards on responsible sourcing and sustainability assurance in the base metals sector globally, such as the Copper mark. She has been the operative representative from Boliden in the TraceMet project.

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