Svemin's Autumn Meeting 2021

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    Stockholm and online

Svemins Autumn Summit 2021

Photo ltr: Kaunis Iron, Epiroc

The availability of raw materials sets the pace for real climate transition. Report after report has shown this over the past year. What is under our feet here in Sweden once laid the foundation for our stable welfare society. Today, the mines are involved in building the green society.

Sweden, as the leading mining nation in the EU, has fantastic opportunities to contribute with sustainably produced metals and minerals that are needed for globally increased climate ambitions. But we must be given the conditions to continue to develop and extract these – otherwise there is a risk that other far-sighted countries will catch up and outrun us. The race is global and the pace is high. It is now that Sweden has the opportunity to shift up and maintain its leading role.

We will talk about this and much more at Svemin’s Autumn Summit on 18 November.

What: Svemins Autumn Summit 21
Date: November 18th
Time: 09:00 – 16:15
Where: Nalen, Stockholm and online
Registration information: Svemin’s Autumn Summit 2021 is a hybrid event. The program runs from 10.00 to 16.15. The afternoon is also broadcast live on Svemin’s Youtube channel.

Follow Svemin’s Autumn Summit here, starting at 13:00 CET


Moderator: Emma Härdmark, Director Communications, Svemin

>> Session 1
Permit processes

Emma Härdmark, Director Communications, Svemin

Opening speech
Maria Sunér, CEO Svemin

Industrial collaboration in North Bothnia
Mikael Staffas, CEO Boliden
Jan Moström, CEO LKAB

Permit processes – the way ahead for Cementa
Karin Comstedt Webb, Sustainability Manager, Cementa

Spot – how it works
Nikolaos Petropoulos, Principal Research Engineer, LKAB

Panel: the Condition in Sweden
Sven-Otto Littorin, Chair. Beowulf Mining
Anders Sundström, Chair. Kaunis Iron

Award ceremony: Swedish Mining Innovation Award 2021 >>>
Jenny Greberg, Program Director, Swedish Mining Innovation, jury chair
Maria Sunér, CEO Svemin
Lennart Evrell, Board member Epiroc, Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, ICA, SCA
Cecilia Sjöberg, Head of Industrial Technologies, Vinnova

Skill supply: Validation in the mining industry 
Jesper Hedin, Expert skill supply, Svemin/The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers

>> Session 2
Mine the Gap – International outlook (in English) | Session two is a side event to EU Raw Materials Week 2021 >>>

The Role of Critical Minerals in Clean Energy Transitions >>>
Tae-Yoon Kim, Energy analyst – World energy outlook, Lead on critical minerals

The Nordic Supply Potential of Critical Metals and Minerals for a Green Energy Transition >>>
Erik Jonsson, State geologist, SGU, adjunct professor of mineralogi, Uppsala university

Klimatambitioner och metallbehov / Climate ambitions and metal needs >>>
Karl Murray, Partner, Material Economics

Launch: The Economic Value of the Swedish Mining Cluster
Sigurd Næss-Schmidt, Partner, Copenhagen Economics

Report comments: The Economic Value of the Swedish Mining Cluster
Mikael Staffas, CEO Boliden
Sami Niiranen, President Underground division, Epiroc
Fredrik Fexe, Vice CEO Business Sweden
Annika Winsth, Chief Economist, Nordea

>> Session 3
The economic value of the Swedish mining cluster; focus: politics

Ulf Kristersson, Party leader, the Moderate Party

Panel: Social debate
Peter Wennblad, Lead writer and deputy head of the editorial board, Svenska Dagbladet
Olov Abrahamsson, Political editor-in-chief, Norrländska Socialdemokraten, NSD
Johanna Alskog, Energy- and Environment editor, Altinget
Marcus Priftis, Author, lecturer, freelance writer

Panel: Youth wings of political parties in Sweden
David Ling (MP), Spokesperson, Grön ungdom/Young greens
Réka Tolnai (C), President, Centerpartiets ungdomsförbund/Centre Party Youth
Youbert Aziz (S), Director Communications, press officer, Swedish Social Democratic Youth League
Oliver Rykatkin (M), Board member, MUF/Moderate Party Youth League

Concluding words
Maria Sunér, CEO Svemin

* With reservation for changes