Seminar: Creating value through closure

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Creating value through closure

Risk Informed Closure Design: Key to maintaining license to operate

A collaboration between Luleå University of Technology, Svemin and the Swedish mining industry invites you to a seminar to gain knowledge from and open discussions with local and international experts on the issues and opportunities surrounding mine closure. Seminar themes include culture mining history, the Sami perspective, landform design and case studies. The seminar is the 3rd instalment of the series ‘Creating Value Through Closure’, which follows the success of the 2019 instalment.

The seminar

There has been progressive thinking, practice and research devoted to mine closure and exploring creative repurposing of mined land aiming to mitigate negative environmental and social legacies. Such landscapes have the potential to not only leave positive environmental legacies but create new business and social opportunities post-mining. If such possibilities / visions are targeted from the beginning and follow through operational and closing stages, correct planning and actions that mitigate risk can be taken from the beginning. If implemented progressively ongoing costs and reduction of environmental impacts can be achieved.

What should mine closure look like and how to determine the social and environmental opportunities? Crucial to these questions is risk-based thinking.

The seminar focuses on the possibilities of creating socially and environmentally beneficial, landscape opportunities where mining operations have previously taken place and intends to shed light on the question of how a risk-based design can be implemented. International and Swedish presenters are invited to present good examples of “creating value through closure”. Presentations are complemented by discussions led by a moderator. Language is predominately English.

Invited presenters are:

  • Ward Wilson (P. Eng., P.Geol., FCAE, FEIC) – University of Alberta Dept. of Civil & Environmental Engineering, Canada
  • Steven Pearce – Mine Environmental Management, UK
  • Jussi Reinikainen – Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE), Finland
  • Gord McKenna – Landform Design Institute, Canada
  • Neeltje Slingerland (PhD, OALA, CSLA, G.I.T.) – Golder Associate, Canada
  • Jenny Wik Karlsson – Svenska samers Riksförbund, Sweden
  • Seth Muller – Boliden, Sweden
  • Matt Baida – VAST, Sweden
  • Hanna Lampinen – FinnMin, Finland
  • Dag Avango – Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

FOR WHOM: Dam owners, authorities, stakeholders, consultants, etc.

October 27, 2021, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Webinar hosted on Svemin’s YouTube Channel.

SEK 500 excl. VAT. Free for students and authorities (all countries).

Binding application no later than 26/10, 2021. Registration is sent to
Include: name, organisation, billing address, eventual reference.

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