Svemin's Environmental Conference 2020

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This year’s conference is a series of webinars. For two days and in five blocks, the latest from the mining industry linked to the environment is presented. An exclusive group of Swedish and international speakers delve into biodiversity, water management, dam safety, certification and traceability, as well as within the main theme of sustainable raw material supply.

Do not miss one of this year’s largest and most important events on sustainability, research and ongoing industry initiatives in the environmental field. Read more about each session below.

Moderator: Emma Härdmark, Svemin


What: Svemin’s Environmental Conference 2020
Theme: Sustainable raw material supply
When: October 7-8
Where: Online
Language: English
Fee: Free of charge

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Sustainable raw material supply, Oct. 7th, 09:00 – 10:30

Demand for metal and minerals is increasing. For electric car batteries and energy storage alone, the EU will need 18 times more lithium in 2030 than today and up to 60 times more in 2050. Where will the raw materials come from and what sustainability challenges will come with an ever-growing demand for the future?

Detailed presentations of the session’s speakers here.

Maria Sunér Fleming, CEO Svemin

Mineral and metal demand – the potential of the Swedish bedrock
Christina Wanhainen, Professor in ore geology, Luleå University of Technology

Resilience and sustainability: Driving Europe’s raw materials agenda forwards
Chris Heron, Director for Communication & Public Affairs, Eurometaux

Government agencies collaboration for Sweden’s part of a European sustainable battery value chain
Erika Ingvald, Head of Division, Mineral Information and Mining Industry, SGU (Geological Survey of Sweden)
Uwe Fortkamp, Head of the sustainability unit at the Swedish EPA

Panel discussion – Metal demand and sustainability challenges
The speakers from the session, and the following:
Olle Olsson, Senior Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)
Peter Handley, Head of the Energy-Intensive Industries and Raw Materials Unit in the European Commission’s DG GROW
Johannes Drielsma, Deputy Director, Euromines

Biodiversity, Oct. 7th, 11:00 – 12:30

The UN Convention on Biological Diversity has called 2020 the superyear of biodiversity and biological diversity has ended up high on sustainability agendas worldwide. What is going on internationally, within the EU and in Sweden linked to biodiversity? What do companies do and what initiatives from the industry are going on?

Detailed presentations of the session’s speakers here.

From Pandas to the Pantanal: What biodiversity is and why it matters
Allison Perrigo, Director, Gothenburg Global Biodiversity Centre

The UN Convention on biodiversity 
Bianca Brasil, UNEP, Program Manager for Business Engagement at the Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity

EU Biodiversity Strategy and Business
Lars Mueller, Policy Officer at DG Environment, European Commission

Mining with Nature – a roadmap for biodiversity 
Tove Hägglund, Project leader and main author of the industry’s roadmap for biodiversity, Ecogain

Good examples from the industry
Joshua Prentice, Sustainability Manager, HeidelbergCement

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session.

Water management, Oct. 7th, 13:30 – 15:00

The EU Water Framework Directive aims to stop the deterioration of water bodies within the Union, restore ecosystems and guarantee good water quality and sustainable water use by both businesses and residents. How should this work and why do some claim that change is needed?

Detailed presentations of the session’s speakers here.

The EU Water Framework Directive – a legal frame for adaptive governance of water resources within the EU
Johanna Söderasp, Water Management Director of the Bothnian Bay Water District Authority

Biological surveys downstream Swedish mining operations – What is investigated today? Could this be made more relevant?
Björn Rydvall, Environmental consultant, Pelagia Nature & Environment

Potential for improvement
Lotta Olausson, Section manager, environmental development, LKAB
Malin Suup, Senior development engineer, Boliden

Water management
Ulla Sandborgh, Swedish Government, Ministry of Enterprise and Innovation

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session, and the following:
Viktor Falkenström, Lawyer, specialist in environmental and real estate law, Hamilton Law Firm Karlstad AB
Sophie Carler, Senior environmental advisor, Jernkontoret (Swedish steel producers’ association)

Tailings dam safety, Oct. 8th, 09:00 – 10:30

Following last year’s catastrophic mining dam accident in Brazil, intensive international work has been underway to secure a new standard for dam safety. What does the global tailings standard mean, how do Swedish mining companies work to minimize the risks and what is going on internationally?

Detailed presentations of the session’s speakers here.

Overview of the Global Industry Standard
Aidan Davy, Chief Operating Officer and Director, Environment Programme, ICMM

The Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management and the Global Tailings Portal – update and looking at 2021
John Howchin, Secretary-General of Council on Ethics for the First, Second, Third and Fourth Swedish national pension funds

Global industry response from ICMM
Aidan Davy, Chief Operating Officer and Director, Environment Program, ICMM

Rio Tinto’s Approach to Safe Tailings Management & Governance
Imran Gillani, Principal Advisor, Tailings and Dams, Rio Tinto

Boliden’s planned implementation process for the Global Tailings Standard
Hans Häggström, Dam technical engineer, Development engineer dam safety, Boliden

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session.

Certification and traceability, Oct. 8th, 11:00 – 12:30

Metals with certified origin – is that the future? Exciting projects are underway to link sustainability requirements to the raw material from the mine, but how does it work? Is there a demand for sustainably produced metals and minerals?

Moderated by Maria Sunér Fleming, CEO Svemin

Detailed presentations of the session’s speakers here.

TraceMet – tracing the environmental performance through the steel and copper value chains
Erik Lindblom, IVL, Project Manager TraceMet

CERA – Certification of Raw Materials
Lukas Förster, Business Developer, Sustainability and Raw Materials, DMT/CERA

World Economic Forum Mining and Metals Blockchain Initiative
Jörgen Sandström, Head of Mining and Metals Industry, World Economic Forum

Towards Sustainable Mining: an Overview of an Emerging Global Standard for Responsible Mineral Production
Ben Chalmers, Senior Vice President, Mining Association of Canada

Panel discussion
The speakers from the session, and the following:
Priscilla Garibay, Global Category Manager for ABB Motors and Generators, ABB
Tobias Persson, Senior advisor at the Swedish Governmental Agency for Growth Policy Analysis
Sara Olsson, Sustainability Advisor, Boliden Smelters

About Svemin’s Environmental Conference

Svemins Environmental Conference is the annual gathering place for environmental issues in the mining and minerals industry. The conference is aimed at representatives of Svemin’s member companies, environmental authorities, consultants and academia. See presentations from previous Environmental Conferences here (Swe.)