Webinar: UNs classification of natural resources

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Welcome to an introduction to UN:s classification of natural resources. Mining, groundwater supplies, waste, aggregates, traceability, renewable energy and carbon capture and storage – all can be comprised in the UN system for the classification of natural resources, UNFC.

This system is beginning to have a major impact in the EU and globally and aims to effectively manage the resources we depend on to achieve the global goals and cope with climate change.

Sustainable management of energy and raw material resources in a rapidly changing global economic landscape requires accurate mapping of supply and demand. UNFC is a unique system in which resource quantities are classified on the basis of three fundamental criteria that reflect technical feasibility, environmental socio-economic viability and degree of confidence concerning a specific resource. UNFC is already being introduced in many countries and by some companies, for a more effective management of resource endowments and socio-economically efficient development of the energy resources contributing to sustainable development.

In this webinar we learn more about how the UNFC system works, international experts share their experiences and we also get to meet Swedish researchers and government representatives.

All talks will be held in English.

The webinar is free of charge.

See the preliminary agenda here.

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The webinar on UN Framework Classification of Natural Resources (UNFC) is organized by SGU in collaboration with Vinnova. The webinar will be recorded and available through SGU’s website.