Women in Mining @ Euro Mine Expo 2022

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    Conference room Målvakten at Euro Mine Expo, Skellefteå

How to strike gold in the mining industry

Though positive steps have been taken over the years and decades to integrate women into the mining industry, female employees continue to be under-represented. Today, 13% of mining employees in Finland are women (blue collar operatives: 6,8%, blue collar officers: 31,5% and white collars: 24,6%). In Sweden the corresponding number is 22% (blue collars: 18% and white collars: 32%).

Why is there such a difference in between neighbouring countries? And why should we push for more diversity in the industry? And do we really benefit from a more gender-balanced workforce?

During this lunch seminar, we will give you the background to these questions. Participants are encourage to contribute with their stories during the workshop.

Keynote speaker is Jenny Gotthardsson, General Manager Boliden Garpenberg, appointed Årets Fe 2022.

Time: Tuesday, June 14, 11.30-12.55
Place: Conference room Målvakten at Euro Mine Expo, Skellefteå
Language: English
Lunch: Yes
Organizers: Women in Mining Sweden and Women in Mining Finland

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WOMEN IN MINING (WIM) Sweden and Finland are nationwide organisations composed of individuals employed in, associated with, or interested in the mining industry. The organisations are not limited to women only. Members include engineers, geologists, lobbyists, mine workers, educators and concerned citizens. Many WIM members are business and civic leaders extending their influence and expertise into their local communities. Such varied backgrounds are extremely beneficial to the organisation and members are encouraged to share this expertise and experience both formally and informally.