A roadmap for the industry

  • 2020-05-04
  • 19:55
  • News

Climate initiatives, an attractive investment environment and free trade are important parts of securing Sweden as an industrial nation. In addition, mass testing is needed to get the economy started.

This is stated by Svemin’s CEO Maria Sunér Fleming together with Jonas Hagelqvist, CEO IKEM, Magnus Huss, Associate Director and CEO IKEM, Per Hidesten, CEO Industriarbetsgivarna, Bo-Erik Pers, Jernkontoret, Carina Håkansson, CEO Skogsindustrierna and Klas Wåhlberg, CEO of Teknikföretagen in financial newspaper Dagens industri.

“We within the Swedish industry are concerned about the economic situation, in Sweden but also globally. There is a big uncertainty about the extent of the consequences, but with certainty we know that competition will intensify. Therefore, Swedish companies must continue to produce even better products and services than competitors and Sweden must become a more attractive country for investment. That is the foundation of our welfare.”

“In order to get Sweden and the EU on its feet, immunity tests – which medical expertise has called for – need to be in place quickly. The testing that is currently under development must be quality assured and accepted throughout the EU. It is necessary for the industry and for the internal market to function in the short term. Moreover, to get us stronger out of the crisis, more and more powerful measures are needed.”

The measures are aimed at skill supply, sustained climate and sustainability ambitions, greater investment attractiveness and safeguarding free trade and a strong internal market within the EU.

“The way out of the crisis must be to create conditions for more jobs, increased export revenues and thus increased prosperity. It is time to secure the future of Sweden’s industrial nation”, the debate article concludes.

Full article here (Swedish).