The three finalists in the Swedish Mining Innovation Award have been nominated

  • 2020-10-14
  • 16:22
  • News

After intensive and tough jury work, it is now clear who the three finalists in the Swedish Mining Innovation Award 2020 will be. The prize, established in 2019, is awarded by the national strategic innovation program Swedish Mining Innovation, and rewards something that is innovative and of great benefit to the mining industry.

The three finalists are Orexplore for their X-ray technology for drill cores, Widefind for their positioning system for people and equipment and Minalyze for their scanner of large volumes of drill core samples. All innovations push the industry towards increased efficiency, which is of great benefit both sustainability and profitability for the better.

Two of the finalists, Orexplore and Minalyze, have innovations that help to map and assess deposits in a more efficient way than today. This is a challenge for mining companies around the world and the market for these innovations is large. The third finalist, Widefind has a unique solution that enables a very accurate positioning of both people and assets underground, something that is extremely important from both a safety and efficiency perspective. Here, too, the market is appreciated to be large and international.

– All finalists contribute in a very good way to put Swedish mining innovation on the international map. The fact that the jury has chosen two finalists with similar application areas, Orexplore and Minalyze, shows that the area is extremely important and these innovations complement each other in a good way, says Jenny Greberg, program director of Swedish Mining Innovation and chairman of the jury.

– In conclusion, I would like to say that many impressive innovations were nominated for this year’s award. This year’s theme for the nominated innovations was smart solutions to well-defined problems that, on the other hand, make major improvements in the industry. We also see a consistent theme that successful innovations come from our Swedish collaboration model. Many of the nominated innovations have been developed in collaboration between different types of actors, says Jenny Greberg.

The jury consists of chairman Jenny Greberg, program director Swedish Mining Innovation, Lennart Evrell, board member SCA, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, ICA and Epiroc, Maria Sunér Fleming, CEO Svemin and Margareta Groth, unit manager Industrial Development, Vinnova.

In the coming weeks, the three finalists will be presented in more detail. The final winner of the Swedish Mining Innovation Award will be presented at Svemin’s Autumn Meeting on November 17.

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