Green light for Sweden's first new mine in 10 years

  • 2021-10-06
  • 16:37
  • News

On Wednesday, Botnia Exploration was informed by the Supreme Court that no leave to appeal was granted on the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation’s appeal. Thus, the Land and Environmental Court of Appeal’s ruling from December 2020 gains legal force and Sweden’s first new mine in over ten years can thus start operations.

Thomas Ljung, CEO of Botnia Exploration, received the message along with many emotions.

Congratulations! Fäbodtjärn in Vindelgransele will be the first new green-field mine in Sweden since 2010. How does it feel?

– Thank you, now I’m moved. I’m thinking of Bengt * today, we’ve been fighting for this for so long. It has been a dream for us to start a gold mine. This is a real milestone for all of us who have worked on the project. It will be great fun to finally get started.

You have managed to get all the way through the often criticised permit processes. What do you think has been your recipe for success?

– We are a small mine, with a relatively small land impact, I think that came into play. But we have also had answers to all the questions that arose during the process. Bengt and I have been a fantastic team. He was the visionary entrepreneur and I have worked on the financing. At the same time, we thought it was so much fun with exploration and that we found Fäbodtjärn 2012 was a stroke of luck.

When will the Fäbodtjärn gold mine start?

– Now the process of land allocation begins and we will produce a more detailed schedule. The mining will come at the earliest this spring.

The company name is Botnia Exploration, is it time for a name change now?

– It’s not impossible, haha!

*Bengt Ljung, Thomas’ father, and former CEO of Botnia Exploration. Bengt passed away in the suites of covid-19 in January this year.