Jenny Gotthardsson is Fe of the Year, 2022

  • 2022-03-08
  • 15:30
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Jenny Gotthardsson – Fe of the Year, 2022

Jenny Gotthardsson, General Manager for Boliden Garpenberg, is awarded the Fe of the Year 2022. The award goes to a woman in the mining or steel industry who has made special contributions for the industries during her career. “Fe” stands for iron in the periodic table and behind the list are the networks Women of Steel (Metallkvinnor) and Women in Mining Sweden, the employers’ organisation The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers (Industriarbetsgivarna) and the industry organisations Swedish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association (Jernkontoret) and Svemin.

“With a strong value-based leadership, Jenny contributes to driving development for people, organisation, business and society. The leadership includes the work of conducting the business with a focus on factors in harmony: environment, safety and conditions for the employees’ basic contribution to the business in technical development and productivity, ”reads the jury’s motivation.

Ahead of International Women’s Day on March 8, the organisations presented a list of 40 women over the age of 40. The list was established to draw attention to and make visible women over 40 in the mining and steel industries and to highlight the knowledge and experience that these people contribute. Among the 40 people on the list is a broad representation of industry, research, academia and politics and based on this list, Jenny Gotthardsson is today named Fe of the Year.

>> See the list here

– Incredibly fun and glorious! I feel great pride to be on the same list as so many competent and experienced women from the industry. I think it is very good that this list is produced, everyone on the list really deserves to be highlighted, comments Jenny Gotthardsson, who is General Manager for the Boliden Garpenberg mine.

– I hope that this list will make more people look up to the mining and steel industries. These are industries of the future and we – and metals – are needed for the green transition. There are many exciting professions and great development opportunities here, so I hope that it contributes to more people wanting to come and work with us. For me, it is important to work with things you believe in and I really feel that we are doing significant work for the green transition, says Jenny Gotthardsson.

20 percent women in the mining and steel industries

Women make up only 20 percent of all employees in the mining and steel industries. In order to remain competitive in a global market, the industry needs to be more attractive to all potential employees with the right skills. Not least when the industry now faces the challenge of filling an enormous skills need.

– With the 40 over 40 list, we want to draw attention to and emphasise how much we value knowledge that comes from experience and hard work. The large number of nominations that have come in speaks its clear language, there are plenty of experienced employees and there is an interest in being involved and making these women visible, says Maja Boström, Director Communications at Jernkontoret who co-founded the list and award Fe of the Year.

– There are many lists of young women, which is both important and positive. But we thought about how we could reverse the reasoning and instead highlight experience, perseverance, lessons learned from mistakes, development over time, says Maja Boström.

About the list 40 over 40 and Fe of the Year
Behind the list are the networks Women of Steel (Metallkvinnor) and Women in Mining Sweden, the employers’ organisation The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers (Industriarbetsgivarna) and the industry organisations Swedish Iron and Steel Producers’ Association (Jernkontoret) and Svemin.

About Jenny Gotthardsson, General Manager, Garpenberg, Boliden Mineral AB
Jenny Gotthardsson has been General Manager at Garpenberg Boliden Mineral AB since 2017, with about 430 employees.

Garpenberg in Hedemora municipality is one of the world’s most modern mines. It is also Sweden’s oldest mining area that is still in operation. Here, complex ore is mined that contains zinc, lead, silver, copper and gold. In 2014, a new production facility was inaugurated that increased production from 1.5 million to 2.5 million tonnes of ore per year, which reduced unit costs and strengthened Boliden’s competitiveness in the global market.


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Maja Boström, Director Communications, Jernkontoret | +46 73 046 82 68

Emma Härdmark, Director Communications, Svemin | +4670 346 60 48