The mining industry is important for Sweden according to the population new survey says

  • 2020-06-23
  • 09:19
  • News

Photo: Fredrik Alm/LKAB

The raw materials needed for the energy conversion, for the digital transformation and for the development of the sustainable society originally come from mining and can in many cases be recycled again and again. However, we have not mined enough yet to lean towards recycling to one hundred percent. Therefore, mines are still needed. In light of this, SGU has examined the attitude of the population towards the mining industry with the help of the SOM Institute. Yesterday, SGU presented the report.

– The survey provides valuable knowledge of the population’s view of the mining industry and the supply of raw materials, says Anneli Wirtén, Director General at SGU.

From the report:

  • A majority are in favor of the mining industry: 52 percent of Swedes fully or partly agree with the claim that the Swedish mining industry should be given the conditions to secure access to important metals. Only eight percent think it is completely or partially wrong.
  • Significantly more men than women are positive about the mining industry: 66 percent of men are positive, compared to 41 percent of women.
    Those who live in rural areas are more favorably attuned to the mining industry compared to residents in larger cities.
  • The results are based on a survey from the Swedish SOM Institute where 10,068 residents in Sweden aged 16–85 years participated, which corresponds to a representative sample of the Swedish population. The survey was conducted during September – December 2019.

Read the full report (Swe.)

The SOM Institute (Society, Opinion, Media) is an independent survey research organisation at the University of Gothenburg. The Institute collaborates with researchers from a range of disciplines, aiming to explore Swedes’ attitudes and habits in a range of areas and to understand the evolution of the Swedish society.

The SOM Institute has always focused on Swedes’ habits, behaviour, opinions and values with respect to society, politics and media.