Time to nominate for the Janne Kempe Scholarship Fund

  • 2023-05-30
  • 10:50
  • News

Svemin annually awards one or more-degree projects related to the mining industry with a scholarship from the Janne Kempes Scholarship Fund.

The Janne Kempe Scholarship Fund rewards one or more-degree projects that are connected to, and have significance for, the mining industry. For example, but not exclusively, environment, prospecting, ore geology, law, energy, climate or work environment. The scholarship is aimed at degree projects with application within the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry.

Who can nominate?

  • You who wrote a bachelor’s or master’s thesis, or licentiate or doctoral thesis related to the above-mentioned areas that was completed and approved in 2022 or 2023.
  • Teachers, companies or organizations that supervised through an essay or thesis that was approved in 2022 or 2023 can also nominate.Assessment takes place in nomination committees with representatives from Svemin’s member companies.ApplicationThe nomination committee wishes to receive the contributions for assessment by August 31. The scholarship award will take place in connection with Svemin’s Environmental Conference on October 4–5 in Örebro, alternatively during Svemin’s autumn meeting on November 22 in Stockholm. Normally, the client sponsors the fellow’s participation.

    Email nominated theses to no later than August 31. Write “Janne Kempes Scholarship Fund” in the subject line.

    Please forward this information to relevant contact persons within your mining company, university or colleges.

Janne Kempe

Johan (Janne) Kempe, born 17 July 1878 in Ytterlännäs parish, Västernorrland county, died 24 November 1959 in Ludvika, was a Swedish mining engineer. Kempe, who was the son of machinist Johan Kempe and Anna Sellstedt, graduated in Uppsala in 1898 and studied at Uppsala University until 1899 and at the Royal Institute of Technology and Bergshögskolan 1899–1902. He was a mine surveyor and assistant mining engineer in Norberg’s ore field 1903–1906, mining engineer in Kopparberg 1906–1907, at Ickorrbottens Gruv AB 1907–1909 and at Gruv AB Dalarne 1910–1913, manager at the latter company 1914–1938 and at Idkerbergets Gruv AB from 1914 .

He practiced consulting as a mining engineer in Sweden and Norway and wrote articles in technical journals. He was posthumously awarded the Swedish Mining Association’s medal of merit in gold.