The mining industry’s contribution to the long-term sustainable society

Discover the #mineralcontribution

Climate-efficient and responsible production is a must for meeting the SDG:s in the Agenda 2030, and contributing to a sustainable social development. In this climate-driven transition, metals and minerals are irreplaceable building blocks. We call it the mineral contribution.

The development of society constantly places new demands on infrastructure, communication equipment and sustainable energy systems. Solar cells, wind power, rechargeable batteries and electronics all require access to metals and minerals. This is good for Sweden. Sustainable production is a competitive advantage for Sweden.

Svemin has initiated a number of strategic sustainability projects with the goal of further sharpening the mining industry. In the challenge of coping with the climate change and at the same time contributing to better living conditions for people globally, the Swedish mining and mineral industry is part of the solution. We call it the #mineralcontribution – the industry’s contribution to the long-term sustainable society.

Read about some of our strategic sustainability initiatives:

The Swedish mining and minerals industry in a sustainable future

Together with politicians, the environmental movement, authorities and
the mining and minerals industry, the SEI and Svemin conducted one for the industry
unique collaborative project: the Swedish mining and mineral industry in a sustainable
future – what does it look like?

A central part of the project was the work of developing a strategic proposal
action plan for how the Swedish mining and mineral industry should act to contribute
a sustainable global development, at the same time as our own operations
should be durable.

The action plan was launched on May 28, 2019.

The project is led by SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute, in collaboration with Svemin.
The project is financed by Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas via
Swedish Mining Innovation  – a joint venture to strengthen Swedish mining
and metal mining industry.

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TraceMet – traceability for sustainable metals and minerals

A first step to develop a market and a demand
for sustainably produced metals. The purpose is to develop a simplified,
but fully functional, IT-system based on blockchain technology
to follow certified metals along the whole value chain.

A pilot study was presented in May 2019 and a pilot project started in the fall.

Run by Svemin and IVL in collaboration with Boliden and LKAB. Key stakeholders are
Volvo Group, Scania, SSAB and ABB.
Behind the project are Vinnova, the Swedish Energy Agency and Formas
via the strategic innovation program Swedish Mining Innovation – a joint
investment to strengthen the Swedish mining and metal mining industry.

Presented in the winter 2021.

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Roadmap for skill supply for the mining and steel industry

The project produced a roadmap for skills supply for the mining and steel industry.
The roadmap describes the current situation, future needs and focus on measures to
meet the industry’s need for expertise. The most important result of the project in short
term is a better decision basis for efforts through a clearer picture of both
conditions such as needs, measures and priorities.

The project was presented in July 2019.

Was run in collaboration between Svemin, Jernkontoret and Industriarbetsgivarna and aimed
to develop a roadmap for the supply of skills for the mining and steel industry.
Funded by Vinnova via Swedish Mining Innovation.

Roadmap for a competitive and fossil-free mining and mineral industry

The mining and mineral industry continues to increase electrification and digitalization,
develop processes for climate-neutral fuels and performs competitive
investments. But in order for the industry to be able to switch to fossil-free energy, politics must
secure efficient permit processes, increase the overall view in political
decisions and ensure the availability of fossil-free electricity.

The industry’s work for a joint roadmap was presented in April 2019.

Run by Svemin in collaboration with RISE and Fossil-free Sweden. Behind the project are
Vinnova and the Swedish Energy Agency. Formas are responsible for financing the project via
Swedish Mining Innovation’s strategic innovation program – a joint venture to strengthen
Swedish mining and metal mining industry.

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Mining with Nature

Increased consideration for biological diversity must be profitable. Not only for nature but also for business. Now Svemin, as the first industry organization, has launched a roadmap for how to do it.

Like most industries, the mining and mineral industries are using land.
Avoiding the impact is difficult. But the mining industry is at the same time leading in the work
with biodiversity and intensive work is ongoing among Svemin’s member companies;
research on ecological compensation and work with
ecological reclamation and restoration means that the knowledge base is constantly growing.

Increased consideration for biodiversity should be profitable. Not only for nature but also for
business. Svemin, as the first industry organization, is now developing a roadmap for biodiversity.

Run by a working group within Svemin’s Environmental Committee.
Presented in the autumn 2020.

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More initiatives from the industry

The Concrete Initiative

A collaboration between construction companies, concrete and cement manufacturers, real estate companies, authorities, researchers and a number of municipalities.

Objective: Climate-neutral concrete in the market 2030 and that it is used everywhere in 2045.

Project Holmtjärn

Boliden creates value from waste by completely removing the source of environmental impact at a closed mine.

A state-of-the-art facility is used to purify the water at the closed mine.


Together, Vattenfall, SSAB and LKAB formed the joint venture company HYBRIT Development 2017.

Objective: A completely fossil-free process for steel production in 2035.

SUM – Sustainable Underground Mining

LKAB has initiated an industrial development project together with ABB, Epiroc, Combitech and the Volvo Group.

Objective: A new world standard for sustainable mining at great depths.


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