Svemin – the industry organization for mines, mineral and metal producers in Sweden

Svemin represents around 40 companies with more than 13,000 employees in mining, exploration and technology. 

Svemin’s mission is to provide the member companies with the best possible competitive conditions. We monitor the industry’s interests in connection with the development of policies and laws in Sweden and within the EU.

With knowledge, experience and long-term commitment, we influence and develop the conditions for the Swedish mining and mineral cluster to continue to be world-class.

It is about creating meeting places to disseminate knowledge, build networks and share experiences about the various areas of the industry. Svemin develops industry-wide guidelines and contributes to the achievement of research and technological development in priority areas.

Svemin’s work is organized within seven different committees. Read more about them from the menu to the left.

Svemin is part of The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv). The Confederation of Swedish Enterprise is Sweden’s largest and most influential business federation representing 49 member organizations and 60 000 member companies with over 1.6 million employees. It was founded in 2001 through the merger between the Swedish Employers’ Confederation (SAF, founded in 1902) and the Federation of Swedish Industry (SI, founded in 1910).