Project: Swedish mining and mineral industry in a sustainable future

”Exploring alternative sustainable futures for the Swedish mining industry”

What role do mines have in a sustainable future? And what role does the pursuit of a sustainable future have for the mines? What does the trip look like? Now the report The Swedish Mining Sector is released in Sustainable Futures – the result of a unique collaborative project.

For over a year, the SEI research institute, Stockholm Environment Institute, has examined the Swedish mining and mineral industries from a variety of sustainability perspectives. Through so-called explorative scenarios, the project has identified strengths, weaknesses and challenges in order to maintain strong competitiveness.

– In a high-tech society, supply of materials is a strategic issue, not least in order to meet the climate-driven sustainability challenges. SEI contributes, among other things, to system analysis and policy advice, says Måns Nilsson, CEO of SEI.

The process itself has also been much appreciated by the industry. The project has constituted a unique meeting place for voluntary organizations, parliamentary politicians, business leaders, researchers and community stakeholders linked to the Swedish mining and mineral industry.

SEI’s analysis of the whole has been processed by Svemin and landed in three strategic development areas. It is about driving on traceability systems for metals, solving land issues from a broad perspective and investing in R&D in order for the industry to continue to work with the smartest solutions and cutting-edge technology.

6 proposals for areas of action for the Swedish mining and mineral industry:

  • Make the mining and minerals industry a circular material hub
  • Further develop the permit processes by taking into account relevant sustainability aspects
  • Build credibility and create business value through transparency and traceability
  • Develop the anchoring of the operations both locally and globally
  • Define what sustainable mining and mineral industry is – in dialogue with society
  • Create a collaborative model for sustainable material supply

About the project

In the joint research project “The Mining and Mineral Industries in a Sustainable Future”, Svemin and SEI, Stockholm Environment Institute, have examined the industry’s potential to contribute to sustainable social development based on various future scenarios.

The project is part of the #mineralbidraget and has been funded by the Vinnova, Formas and the Swedish Energy Agency through the SIP STRIM program.