New EU initiative increases demand for Swedish mines

  • 2020-09-04
  • 10:18
  • News

Half of Europe’s most critical metals and minerals are found in the Swedish bedrock. When the EU on Thursday released a series of measures to increase the degree of self-sufficiency in critical raw materials, the spotlight is on Sweden, which is already today Europe’s most mining nation.

– The Swedish mining industry is ready to meet demand from the EU, but now Sweden’s politicians must take responsibility for radically streamlining the permit processes for the mining industry, says Maria Sunér Fleming, CEO of Svemin.

The availability of metals and minerals is crucial for modern society and not least for meeting the climate goals. The issue has also been further brought to the fore with the ongoing corona pandemic when supply chains have been rapidly broken and borders closed.

The EU is therefore now taking action to ensure the supply of these crucial metals and minerals. On Thursday, the list was published which indicates which metals and minerals are critical for the EU, together with several concrete measures to increase the EU’s degree of self-sufficiency. Increasing the number of mines in the EU is one of the measures pointed out by the European Commission.

FACTS: EU’s action plan, critical list and future study

On Thursday, the European Commission presented a series of measures to increase the degree of self-sufficiency in metals and minerals; an action plan for critical raw materials, the 2020 list of critical raw materials and a future study on critical raw materials for strategic technology and sectors from the 2030 and 2050 perspective.

The Action Plan looks at current and future challenges and proposes measures to reduce Europe’s dependence on third countries, diversify supply from both primary and secondary sources and improve resource efficiency and circularity while promoting responsible purchasing worldwide. The ten measures in total will promote the transition to a green and digital economy.

The list of critical raw materials has been updated to reflect the changing economic meanings and supply challenges based on their industrial application. It contains 30 critical raw materials, half of which there is potential for in Sweden.

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