Ethical rules

Ethical Rules of Svemin

The most important document of Svemin is the Ethical Rules. Each member company has to sign and adopt the Ethical Rules. Violations of the Ethical Rules will lead to consequences. In extreme cases, expulsion from the association.

The task of the mining industry

The task of the mining industry is to supply society with minerals and ore in a responsible manner and with long-term profitability.

Sustainable development

Minerals and metals are essential to a well-functioning and modern society. Metals are produced from ore and may be continuously recycled.

The company will promote sustainable development and efficient, balanced, long-term management of energy and natural resources while showing due consideration for people, the economy, the environment and the society in general.

A good working environment

The company will strive to maintain a good, safe and stimulating working environment.

The company will work according to established programs for monitoring and improving the working environment.

Environmental protection

The company has a particular responsibility for protecting the environment, since mining cannot be conducted without having an impact on the surrounding environment. Through mining operations, land is exploited and permanently altered.

The company will work actively to protect the surrounding environment and will give environmental aspects due consideration in all decisions pertaining to all phases of a mining project, from prospecting to mine operation and final decommissioning and remediation. These measures will be based on an assessment of what is environmentally justified, technically feasible and economically reasonable.

The company will work systematically with programs for planning, execution, follow-up and improvement of its environmental protection effort.

Risk perspective

The company will handle safety and environmental issues in such a way that risks are addressed. Risks for disruptions and breakdowns that can affect people and the environment will be identified and observed, so that preventive measures can be implemented.

Disclosure and correct information

The company will openly and correctly inform employees, the general public and public authorities of its activities. When prospecting, the company has a particular responsibility to communicate actively with landowners, public authorities and other concerned parties.

Generally accepted accounting principles

The company will observe generally accepted accounting principles, even in the evaluation of mineral reserves.

Prospecting with respect for landowners’ interests

The company will conduct all prospecting activities with care and consideration for the environment and the interests of landowners.

Reporting of mineral resources

The company, which holds an exploration permit or mining concession according to the Minerals Act, must report exploration results, mineral resources and mineral reserves according to the PERC Reporting Standard or other regulations approved by the Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standards (CRIRSCO).


The company will promote contractors acting on its behalf to comply with these ethical rules.

Training and development

The company will make adequate provision for training employees to improve their competence and motivation, so that the company can live up to these ethical rules.

The company will pursue research and development that supports the mining industry and the purposes of these ethical rules.

Continuous improvement

The company will work systematically to achieve continuous improvement. The objectives of this work will be reviewed in respect of changing needs and justified requirements.

Svemin’s ethical rules are supplemented by rules and guidelines that must be followed by the member companies and which are part of the ethical rules:

> Ethical rules of Svemin (PDF)

> PERC Reporting Standard (PDF) (More about PERC and FAMMP here)

> Svemin’s Guidance on Exploration (PDF)

> Svemin’s Tailings Dam Safety Policy (PDF)