Svemin’s Committees

Svemin’s Energy and Climate Committee

The global climate is on the agenda and climate change in all parts of society is becoming increasingly important. The Swedish mining and mineral industry will play an important role in a fossil-free future. One of the important issues for the Swedish mining and mineral companies is a stable and secure access to electricity at competitive prices. Therefore, the industry is gathered in Svemin’s energy and climate committee to participate in the development, monitor important issues and collaborate on solutions.

Svemin’s energy and climate committee consists of energy managers and experts from the mining, lime and cement companies. The committee analyzes and evaluates information and policies in the energy and climate area, discusses common strategies for work and actions, produces statistics, writes position papers and answers statements of opinions.

Monitoring and external analysis of energy and climate issues and how regulations in these areas at national and European level may affect the conditions for member companies to operate and develop are the most important task of the committee.

In order for analyzes and measures to be correct, knowledge is required to be developed and disseminated, for example about the companies’ production systems, how different types of energy are used in the companies’ production processes and how greenhouse gas emissions arise and are taken care of and how emissions trading (ETS) affects.

Surrounding society and decision makers need to know the consequences of planned measures and regulations. Svemin plays an important role in ensuring that decision makers or investigators have the right information and adequate knowledge as a basis for their decisions. This requires contacts with ministries, authorities, research companies, electricity producers, the Swedish Energy Agency and Swedenergy, and others, as needed. What is happening at European level is also crucial, for example regarding the Emissions Trading Act (ETS).

National and international partnerships – important for success in energy issues

Euromines is a mining industry organization for Europe and runs energy issues within the ETS Committee (Emissions Trading Committee in the EU). Svemin has an active role in this committee and Mats Gustavsson, Boliden, is the committee chairman.

Eurometaux is a trade organization for non-ferrous metals in the EU. Svemin participates in the Eurometaux energy committee through Boliden’s provision.

The Swedish basic industry runs issues connected to electricity through the SKGS network (the forest, chemistry, mines and steel industries) where the industry organizations Skogsindustrierna, IKEM – Innovation and Chemistry Industries in Sweden, Svemin and Jernkontoret collaborate.

SKGS plays an important role by representing the interests of the basic industry and in promoting political decisions that give the basic industry competitive conditions. SKGS actively contributes to the debate by submitting opinion papers, being active in the media and meeting politicians from the parliamentary parties to raise current important issues.

Members of the Energy and Climate Committee

  • Mats Gustavsson, Boliden AB
  • Sara Springman, Boliden AB
  • Joshua Prentice, Heidelberg Cement Northern Europe
  • Karin Comstedt Webb, Heidelberg Cement Northern Europe
  • Stefan Savonen, LKAB, (Chair)
  • Markus Fagervik, Nordkalk AB
  • Hanna Stenegren, Svemin, (Secretary)
  • Daniel Dahlström, Zinkgruvan Mining AB

*January, 2020