Our positions

We believe that safety and employees’ health always comes first

Photo ltr: CC, LKAB, Epiroc, Björkdalsgruvan, Boliden

Promoting a good working environment in the mining industry is one of Svemin’s most important goals. The work has produced results. Today we see a long-term downward trend in the frequency of accidents. The industry is also working actively to improve the working environment from the social and organizational aspects.

However, the bar can be raised further, and a prerequisite is that laws and regulations in the field of work environment are reasonable, practical and also possible to achieve. Despite the very good development of accident rates, mining companies have a strong focus on creating, as far as possible, a completely accident-free business.

In addition to offering their employees and contractors a physically safe and good working environment, mining companies work very actively to improve people’s attitudes and behaviors regarding safety. In collaboration with the employee side, a culture is created where everyone, through their own safe behavior, takes care of the safety of their own and their colleagues.

An important player in the mining industry’s working environment area is GRAMKO, the mining and mineral industry’s working environment committee. In GRAMKO, mining companies, contracting companies and trade unions cooperate. Together, they drive important issues and joint projects for the industry.

In the health and safety area, Svemin works for:

  • that the workplaces at our companies should be free from accidents and work-related ill health
  • that laws and regulations in the work environment area should be reasonable, practical and also possible to achieve
  • that cooperation between companies, trade unions and authorities should remain strong