Svemin’s Committees

Svemin’s Environmental Committee

Dam safety, environmental technology and standardization. These are examples of issues that are high on the agenda when Svemin’s environmental committee drives the industry’s environmental issues.

Svemin’s ongoing activities in the environmental field include several different issues. Svemin’s environmental committee is open to all member companies, see list below. For special issues, working groups (AG) are formed. As of today, there are three working groups:

AG Water
AG Dam Safety
AG Nature Conservation

National and international cooperation

An important part of the environmental work is collaboration with others. We cooperate at both national and on the European level.

National groups, among others

SwedCOLD (Swedish Commission on Large Dams), Executive Committee
Dam Safety Council within Svenska Kraftnät
Industry coordination group for Water issues

Europe / EU

Euromines (e.g. the Environment Committee)
Eurometaux (where the industry/Svemin is represented by Boliden)

Members in the Environmental Committee

Pia Lindström, Boliden Mineral AB, Chairman
Lars-Åke Lindahl, Svemin, Secretary
Charlotte Odenberger, Björkdalsgruvan AB
Joakim Edvinsson, Boliden Mineral AB
David Granberg, Boliden Mineral AB
Karin Comstedt Webb, Heidelberg Cement Northern Europe
Joshua Prentice, Heidelberg Cement Northern Europe
Linda Bjurholt, LKAB
Lotta Lauritz, LKAB
Kerstin Brinnen, Svemin
Andreas Unée, Dragon Mining Sweden AB
Inger Frost Kristensson, Zinkgruvan Mining AB
Klas Nehrman, LKAB
Tua Welin, Nordkalk
Åsa Allan, Kaunis Iron AB
Joanna Lindahl, Boliden

*October 2020