Swedish mining industry

Sweden – Europe’s leading mining nation

Sweden accounts for 91.5% of all iron ore produced within the EU, and one of the leading producers of other base metals. 2019 was the most productive year ever for the Swedish mining industry with approximately 86.5 million tonnes of ore produced.


Sweden accounts for 91.5% of all iron ore produced within the EU (2019)


Sweden accounts for 38.5% of all lead produced in the EU (2019)


Sweden accounts for 36.7% of all zinc produced within the EU (2019)


Sweden accounts for 23.1% of all gold produced within the EU (2019)


Sweden accounts for 20.1% of all silver produced within the EU (2019)


Sweden accounts for 10.8% of all copper produced within the EU (2019)

SEK 955 million

Exploration investments: SEK 955 million. Since 2018, investments have increased by 22 percent.


In Sweden, there are 12 producing metal mines (2019)

7.8 million tonnes

In 2019, 7.8 million tonnes of industrial minerals were produced, of which 6.3 million tonnes of lime (2019)


Swedish engineering companies produce 60 percent of the world's underground equipment. Sweden (Luleå University of Technology) is Europe's node in research on the extraction of metals and minerals.


Together with the steel industry, the mining and minerals industry accounts for 10 percent of Swedish gross exports. The entire industry and the industry-related service sector account for 77% percent (2014)

10 TWh

The Swedish mining and mineral industry requires a stable supply of energy. Energy consumption 10 TWh, of which electricity consumption 4.5 TWh. (2014)