Become a member

Become a member of Svemin

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As a member of Svemin, you have access to the monitoring of and participation in the focusing areas of Svemin; outer environment and metal issues, work environment, climate and energy, infrastructure, exploration and ground issues. Monitoring of the EU is integrated in all areas.

Svemin is an industry association and membership of SveMin also includes membership of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise – Svenskt Näringsliv. By that, the company has access to the services provided by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise in various respects.

Joining Svemin is suitable for companies with operations within exploration, mining and related activities as suppliers and consultants.


How to become a member

  1. Read this introductory document

2. Make sure your company has read, understood and agreed with the Svemin Statutes, Svemin Ethical Rules, and the Svemin Dam Safety Policy

3. Fill in this application form

4. Send the form to or Svemin AB, Box 5501, 114 85 Stockholm


The Mining Employers Association (GAF)

The Mining Employers Association is a part of the Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, Industriarbetsgivarna, a service company for the Swedish Forest Industries Federation, the Steel and Metal Employers Association, the Mining Employers Association and SVEMEK. Here we handle issues that concern the relationship between employer and employees as well as skills and work environment.

You also have access to expert assistance in issues such as negotiations and court cases. You have access to our training and seminars, regional network events and member pages on the web. Of course you can contact us whenever you want by phone or email. Membership in GAF requires membership in Svemin.

For membership application and more information, send an e-mail to