Swedish mining industry

Responsible industry

Many different sustainability projects are underway in the mining industry to make it even more long-term sustainable and climate-efficient. Svemin constantly works with sustainability issues for the industry in close collaboration with member companies, research institutes, academia and authorities.

For example, the mining industry, as the first industry, has developed a roadmap for how increased consideration for biological diversity can also be profitable, Mining with Nature. The goal is for the Swedish mining and minerals industry to contribute to increased biodiversity in all the regions where mining and mineral activities and exploration are ongoing by 2030.

Svemin runs the TraceMet project where the possibility of tracing certified and sustainably broken metals is investigated. A simplified, but fully functional, IT system will be developed to monitor metals from mine to end use. The project uses the criteria carbon footprint and amount recycled material. The pilot project includes a value chain for copper, from mine for use in electrical equipment, and a value chain for steel, from mine to component in trucks.

Roadmap for a competitive and fossil-free mining and mineral industry is a roadmap Svemin developed as part of Fossil Free Sweden. The roadmap paves the way for the mining and minerals industry to reach fossil-free mining operations by 2035 and climate-neutral processing processes by 2045. Swedish mining and minerals industry in a sustainable future is a unique collaborative project that Svemin has developed together with SEI – Stockholm Environment Institute. The project examines the mining industry’s conditions for contributing to sustainable societal development based on different future scenarios.

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All of Svemin’s strategic projects are run within the framework of Swedish Mining Innovation, which is the strategic innovation program for the mining and metal mining industry. Swedish Mining Innovation is part of Vinnova’s, the Swedish Energy Agency’s and Formas’ investment in strategic innovation areas.