The Review Board

The Review Board reviews public information, e.g. press releases, information on websites and other news, from Svemin’s member companies regarding exploration results, mineral assets and mineral reserves. The purpose is to check that the member companies follow the prescribed rules (see below) for reporting this type of information. The audit is a clear check that the rules are followed.

The regulations that primarily apply are the international standard PERC Reporting Standard, or a corresponding CRIRSCO-based reporting standard, which you can read about under the PERC section here. The information provided must be reviewed by a qualified person (QP), who is an expert, and who is a member of an independent expert organization, such as the FAMMP (Fennoscandian Association for Metals and Minerals Professionals).

The Review Board reviews Svemin’s member companies but not individual QP:s (since this is a task for FAMMP, or similar other organizations). The Review Board reports to Svemin’s Board of Directors. Deficiencies in regulatory compliance are usually dealt with by the board through information, dialogue and the request for correction, but ultimately it is Svemin’s board that decides on any disciplinary measures.

If you have any questions, complaints or comments that have to do with the member companies’ reporting according to the PERC Reporting Standard, or about the work of the Review Board, you are welcome to contact