Svemin’s Committees

Svemin’s Skill Supply Committee

One of our most important issues is skill supply. To secure the future of the mining and minerals industry, collaboration between academia and industry is required. Issues related to higher education and future employees are discussed in Svemin’s Skill Supply Committee.

Focus Areas

How can we ensure that our member companies can get the right expertise at different levels, now and in the future? How can we attract more young people and more people with the right skills to our member companies? Svemin’s Skills Supply Committee focuses on issues related to higher education. From spring 2018, the research issues will also be handled and prepared by the committee.


A large part of the industry’s issues regarding skill supply takes place within the framework of the Industriarbetsgivarna (The Swedish Association of Industrial Employers, or IA). The focus of IA is on basic vocational education and joint initiatives within the work of the Industry Council, not least through the Teknikcollege.

Industry council

Svemin is represented in the Swedish Public Employment Service’s industry council for the mining industry. Here we discuss current issues that mainly concern the labor market situation. The group has representatives from the member companies. If you would like to submit something to the Employment Service’s industry council, contact Svemin’s representative Jesper Hedin, expert skill supply.


Bergsskolan has since the start in 1830 educated engineers and technicians who are very attractive in the labor market. The school focus on the important basic industries; steel and rock.

The education is planned in close consultation with leading industry representatives in order to convey knowledge in line with industry requirements and current research. This makes the students highly sought after by employers in business and industry. The programs also provide good opportunities for jobs abroad.

In the autumn of 2020, Bergsskolan will start three new programs. The decision of the Swedish National Agency for Higher Vocational Education (MYh) came in January. Bergsskolan now changes its structure and becomes its own principal again.

– It is very gratifying that we can now receive new students at Bergsskolan. They will have a very good job market to look forward to after completed studies where practice and theory have been blended, says Jan Håkanson, headmaster at the Bergsskolan in a press release.

The three new programs will have a clear foundation in today’s courses at Bergsskolan. Some of the courses will be the same as today and some will change so that new research, new methods and techniques are highlighted. Bergsskolan started in 1830 and has since conducted education for the Swedish rock, mining, mineral, civil engineering, metal and engineering industries.

Members in the Skill Supply Committee

  • Susanne Sundberg, Björkdalsgruvan AB
  • Johan Albinsson, Boliden
  • Kurt-Ove Åhs, Boliden
  • Ann Ekman, Epiroc
  • Sara Stridsman, Kaunis Iron
  • Åse Juhlin, LKAB
  • Ingemar Stöckel, LKAB
  • Jesper Hedin, Svemin (Secretary)
  • Per-Anders Ivarsson, Zinkgruvan (Chair)

* September, 2022