A responsible way of assessing mineral resources

Measuring and assessing how valuable findings are estimated to be in a systematic and transparent way is important for a responsible mineral industry. As members of Svemin, companies must use an internationally accepted standard that describes how exploration results, mineral assets and mineral reserves should be assessed and reported. The recommended reporting standard is called the PERC Reporting Standard and is based on the standard The Template developed by CRIRSCO (see definitions below).

The non-profit organization Fennoscandian Association for Metals and Minerals Professionals (FAMMP) brings together qualified persons (QP:s) mainly in Sweden, Norway and Finland who meet the organisation’s requirements for competence and experience in making exploration results, mineral assets and mineral reserves that meet the requirements of PERC standard. All Svemin’s member companies must use qualified people to assess and review results that are published publicly.

FAMMP is supported by Svemin but is operated without any decisive influence from the mining industry. In addition to its Board of Directors, the FAMMP consists of committees with the task of reviewing membership applications, providing training on the PERC standard and handling any disciplinary matters concerning the association’s qualified persons.



FAMMP Chairman

Thomas Lindholm, Thomas Lindholm Konsult AB
Phone: +46 (0)920 383 84

FAMMP Board 2020/21

FAMMP board members elected May 7th, 2020 by the Annual General Meeting

Thomas Lindholm (Chair), Thomas Lindholm Konsult AB
Åsa Allan, Kaunis Iron AB
Anita Hall, Norsk Bergindustri
Pekka Suomela, FinnMin
Janne Hokka, Geological Survey of Finland
Gunnar Agmalm, Boliden Mineral AB
Kerstin Brinnen, Svemin

Admissions committee

Hans Årebäck, Boliden Mineral AB (Chair)
Henning Holmström, Golder Associates AB
Jan-Sverre Sandstad, Geological Survey of Norway
Janne Hokka, Geological Survey of Finland
Hannu Makkonen, Suomen Malmitutkimus Oy

Disciplinary committee

Anja Hagerud, Zinkgruvan Mining AB (Chair)
Peter Svensson, Boliden Mineral AB
Casper Herler, Borenius Attorneys Ltd
Henrikki Rutanen, LKAB
Stefan Tuoma, Kjinschakt
Pär Weihed, Luleå University of Technology
Kristin Husebo Hestnes, Svelviksand

Education committee

Johan Bradley, Boliden Mineral AB (Chair)
Thomas Lindholm, Thomas Lindholm Konsult AB
Ed Sides, PERC
Markku Iljina, Geoconsulting Oy
Steinar Löve Ellemo, Norges Teknisk-Naturvitenskapelige Universitet

Office contact for applications

Moa Wejle
Phone: +46 (0)8 762 67 33
Mobile: + 46 (0)73 938 64 64

Members of FAMMP

  • Kurt Aasly, Norwegian University of Science and Tech.
  • Gunnar Agmalm, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Markus Ekberg, FinnCobalt
  • Anja Hagerud, Zinkgruvan AB
  • Thomas Hedberg, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Timo Huhtelin, Outokumpu Chrome AB
  • Kåre Höglund, Agnico Eagle
  • Kristoffer Johansson, Zinkgruvan AB
  • Matz Jönsson Forssell, Projektengagemang AB
  • Ove Klavér, AFRY
  • Thomas Lindholm, GeoVista AB
  • Adam McElroy, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Glenn Patriksson, AFRY
  • Jani Rautio, Endomines
  • Michael Setter, COWI AB
  • Louise Sjögren, Norconsult AB
  • Hans Thorshag, Nordic Iron Ore AB
  • Hans Årebäck, Boliden Minerals AB
  • Lars-Åke Claesson, Mirab
  • Henning Holmström, Golder Associates
  • Andreas Berggren, Boliden
  • Matti Sormunen, LKAB
  • Jan Kläre, Boliden
  • Seth Mueller, Boliden
  • Anders Sand, Boliden
  • Frank van der Stijl, Frostviken Exploration Services
  • Ian McGimpsey, Boliden
  • Esa Sandberg, Keliber Oy
  • Morten Often, Often Mineral AS

May, 2021


  • PERC Pan European Reserves and Resources Reporting Committee
  • CRIRSCO Committee for Mineral Reserves International Reporting Standard