Our positions

We believe that the Swedish mining industry is a key player in the transformation to a sustainable society

Photo ltr: Boliden, CC, CC, UN, CC

For Svemin, a sustainable mining and mineral industry means both active environmental and climate considerations and a social responsibility for both employees and for those who live and work in the vicinity of a business. It also means that the conditions are for economic long-term and strong competitiveness for the companies to develop further in.

The Swedish Industry – important role as a guidepost

In 2015, the UN decided on 17 global goals for sustainable development. With this set of global goals, all three dimensions of sustainable development are integrated – environmental, social and economic sustainability. The goals set the global agenda for sustainability work. Sweden has stated high ambitions to be at the forefront during the implementation of Agenda 2030. At the same time, there are major challenges both globally and nationally. Several of the goals show that the work of the Swedish mining industry is moving in the right direction. However, we can become even better and make more difference. The industry is part of the solution. By producing climate-smart products and developing environmentally advanced technology, the Swedish mining cluster can contribute to a more sustainable world.

Together we focus on sustainability issues

Taking financial, social and environmental responsibility for the impact our operations have is a matter of course and something we prioritize at every stage. We have a well-established safety culture and are working on risk prevention. Our goal is to be the first sustainable link in the metals value chain, a goal we meet by investing in modern technology and developing stable and environmentally safe processes.

In 2018-2019, Svemin together with the Stockholm Environment Institute, conducted a research project to develop the industry-wide sustainability work. The project analyzes the interaction between society and the mining and mineral sectors in the sustainable social transformation based on a number of future scenarios. The goal is to work out an industry-wide action plan for how the industry can best contribute to sustainable development.

Our member companies, such as LKAB, Boliden and Cementa, are engaged in sustainability work throughout their operations, where environmental, social and financial responsibility are all obvious elements.

Active network for increased durability

Together with the steel industry’s trade organization Jernkontoret and the employers’ organization Industriarbetsgivarna, we have a joint sustainability network for mining and steel. The UN’s sustainability goals are the starting point for this work. For example, we have analyzed how our operations can contribute even better to a long-term sustainable mining and steel industry. The network has the task of promoting contacts between sustainability managers at the member companies and communicating what is being done within the companies and the industries respectively. The network is also a place for exchange of experience, to increase overall knowledge and to improve external monitoring, as well as national and international impact work. The network is jointly coordinated by Svemin, Jernkontoret and Industriarbetsgivarna.

In the area of ​​sustainability, Svemin works for:

  • Increase focus on sustainability issues in the industry
  • Together with the steel industry, actively contribute to the work on the implementation of Agenda 2030
  • Demonstrate where and how the UN Sustainability Goals enter into business operations
  • Enhanced dialogue and networking at regional, national, and global levels
  • Support the development and application of new technologies and processes that lead to creative and unique solutions