Swedish mining industry

The total area for Sweden’s…

Of Sweden’s total area, approximately 69 percent is forest land, 7 percent is agricultural land, and 3 percent built-up land. Mines and limestone quarries occupy around 0,04 percent of Sweden’s total area. Below are some examples of other areas.

Sweden's total land area 157,143 mi²
Reindeer husbandry areas 95,275 mi²
Natura 2000 areas 30,115 mi²
Nature reserves/national parks 21,596 mi²
Lakes and watercourses 15,444 mi²
Transport infrastructure 1980 mi²
Manufacturing industries 231 mi²
Golf courses 108 mi²
Shopping areas 92 mi²
Mines and limestone quarries 67 mi²
Exploration permits 50 mi²
Skiing pistes 35 mi²

Sources: SGU, SEPA, SCB 2015