Svemin’s Committees

Svemin’s Exploration Committee

Svemin’s exploration committee consists of members from both exploration companies and mining companies. The members of the committee are individuals with extensive experience from exploration work and issues regarding access to land.

The committee works with current legislative work and other issues that affect the prospects for exploration companies. The work also consists of efforts to raise the level of knowledge about exploration. The committee assists in Svemin’s efforts to respond to opinion statements and to develop industry positions that relate to the industry’s conditions and needs. If necessary, special working groups are appointed who are tasked with working on specific issues related to exploration.

Members in the Exploration Committee

  • Kåre Höglund, Agnico Eagle (Chair)
  • Rasmus Blomqvist, Beowulf Mining
  • Sauli Raunio, Beowulf Mining
  • Johanna Nordberg, Björkdalsgruvan AB
  • Åsa Corin, Björkdalsgruvan AB
  • Anders Forsgren, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Jon Lundh, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Jonas Wiik, Boliden Mineral AB
  • Thomas Ljung, Botnia Exploration Holding AB
  • Svante Berglund, Drillcon AB
  • Per Lennartsson Persson, Drillcon AB
  • Johannes Holzäpfel, EMX Royalty Corp.
  • Mathias Forss, GeoPool AB
  • Johan Högnäs, Kaunis Iron AB
  • Jan-Anders Perdahl, LKAB
  • Håkan Selldén, LKAB
  • Göran Nordenhök, Lovisagruvan AB
  • Katarina Nilsson, Svemin
  • Emma Härdmark, Svemin
  • Maria Sunér, Svemin
  • Tom Kearny, Talga Graphene AB
  • Filip Kozlowski, Tasman Metals AB
  • Anja Hagerud, Zinkgruvan Mining AB* September 2021