The cement crisis not averted despite today's government announcement

  • 2021-11-18
  • 18:00
  • News

The government’s decision to give Cementa a temporary extension of the permit to mine limestone in Slite is received with mixed feelings.
-It is positive that the government has finally provided information on the issue and thus averted the acute crisis. But this is only short-term. Getting a long-term permit within just one year is basically impossible, says Maria Sunér, CEO of Svemin.

Thursday’s announcement (Swe.) of an extension was necessary to avoid an acute cement shortage.

-But the situation is absurd. Politics therefore wants Sweden – in just one year – to switch to import dependence, because that is what today’s decision means in practice. It is negative for both the climate and security of supply, says Maria Sunér.

The Government’s decision gives Cementa a permit until 31 December 2022. This means that a new permit must be in place as early as 1 January 2023.

-This gives is an extremely short period of time to apply for a renewed permit. With the current system for permit testing, it is in principle impossible to have a new permit in place within a year. Then we will instead have a similar situation as now. In other words, the cement crisis is not at all averted in any other way than purely momentarily, says Maria Sunér.

There is also great uncertainty about the continued process of possible appeals against today’s decisions.