What is Sweden's best mining innovation?

  • 2021-08-21
  • 14:50
  • News

The Swedish Mining Innovation Award rewards an innovation or project that is of great importance to, and with application in, the Swedish mining and metal-producing industry.

It is also possible to nominate a person who has been important for mining and metal-producing Swedish industry, for an honorary or inspirational award.

During the autumn, three finalists will each be presented with a film. The films aim to spread knowledge about innovation in the Swedish mining industry, both nationally and internationally.

The last day to nominate is 31 August 2021. It is possible to nominate yourself or colleagues.

Three finalists will be selected by a jury. The jury will then select the final winner of the Swedish Mining Innovation Award at Svemin’s autumn meeting on 18 November.

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Jenny Greberg, Program Director Swedish Mining Innovation, (Chairman)
Lennart Evrell, board member of SCA, the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise, ICA and Epiroc
Maria Sunér, CEO of Svemin
Cecilia Sjöberg, Head of Industrial Development, Vinnova

Winners 2020

Orexplore’s revolutionary X-ray technology provides in a short time detailed insight into the interior of the drill core in 3D, such as knowledge of structures, density, mineralogy and levels, all in one and the same scan. Orexplore’s solution is currently used by mines in Europe and Australia. The innovation has great development potential even for substances with low detection levels such as gold, which is the focus for a large part of the global exploration.

Minalyze’s unique scanner and cloud-based software for digitizing large volumes of drilling samples generates high-resolution and consistent data through fast, non-destructive collection of multiple datasets. Minalyze has achieved international commercial success with users in Europe, Australia and North America, thereby demonstrating the benefits of innovation to global industry.

Inspirational award
The VR mine is a fine example of a collaboration between industry and academia on which the Swedish mining innovation system is based. It visualizes sustainable intelligent mining in an interesting and realistic way, and creates interest and makes knowledge of modern mining available to an important target group; children, young people and the general public.